My work is heavily influenced by nature, cycles of growth and decay, light, color, repetition and chaotic order. It is best descriBed as networks of single cells drifting amidst fluid abstract backgrounds, representing both micro-macrocosmic worlds. Within my work, I use SEM images as inspiration to explore concepts of blood cells, bacteria, and unicellular structures. I attempt to show that everything develops on a cellular level, from a single cell, like the seed of an idea. Circles, ovals, and toroidal forms represent the basic structures within my works. Influences of color and light help develop the layers within my work. The use of repetition and pattern are pertinent in creating these abstract artworks. The repetition of object and form attempts to understand and interpret rhythmic orders on micro and macro levels. My desire is driven to understand how individual elements and pieces function individually while also working together to create whole systemic microcosms. With the creation of each painting, I push the boundaries and depth of the paint medium by combining materials such as ink, acrylic, oil, graphite, and wax to create richly colored, luminous works of art. Using scrapers and knife tools, I incorporate sgraffito techniques and textures within my work. Etched lines and multi-layered effects reveal hidden layers of underlying color, successfully creating awe inspiring paintings. I seek to expect the unexpected. To paint this way allows for continued growth and learning, unpredictable changes, and serendipitously wonderful exploration.