My work is heavily influenced by nature, cycles of growth and decay, light, color, repetition and chaotic order.  Living in an area defined by four distinct seasons, I feel the seasonal changes influence the color choices in my work.  I enjoy watching vibrant colors of a skyline, reflect soft shifts of light onto clouds and the topography below.  My current body of paintings are abstract landscapes defined by horizontal bands of colors, as viewed in my travels, from my window, or wherever I happen to notice color and light change.  These pieces are created from moments in my life, where I happen to be in any given moment; trying to memorize and capture that moment from being present and letting the light and color penetrate into my memory, so it's more sensory perception than photograph influenced.  Each place I visit has the potential to be abstractly captured in horizonal bands of color, like a flat open road.  Winter influences are an especially great time to explore the variations of white light and reflections.  Whether it be a warm ocean horizon line or the flat desolate road in the middle of nowhere, I feel there is a moment to always retain and capture and bring back to the studio.  In observing my pieces, I want the viewer to generate an evocative emotion through my use of color: an emotion that is generated from the piece, but also influenced from their own experiences and memories.  

About Encaustic painting: 
Encaustic painting is a process that involves using heated beeswax as a paint medium.  The beeswax is often used in combination with damar and colored pigments, oil paint, or some other form of pigment.  Using brushes and palette knives, I apply the liquified medium onto small canvases and wood panels, in combination with hand drawn paper elements, silver dollar seed pods, and pressed leaves and flower petals.   The encaustic is heat set onto the surface to seal everything in place. Once dry, the encaustic creates a natural matte finish, which I then buff to an ultra soft, sateen sheen. The finished encaustic creates a surface that is thick in some areas, while thinner in others, having a true feel of handmade in each piece! 
*I ship pieces worldwide; though I ask that you contact me about the piece you are interested in shipping, so that I may figure out the shipping charges.  Interested buyers should leave their name, email and the particular piece/s interested in.