I work primarily in painting, creating original, one of a kind acrylics, oils, watercolors and encaustics.  My work is heavily influenced by the growth and decay cycles of nature; though I am most intrigued by the "pods" I find.  Nature is the biggest inspiration in my artwork.  Within my paintings, I reference plants and pods amidst a combination of both representation and abstraction.  As a result, repetitious forms and patterns start to emerge, creating unique, playful landscapes.

About Encaustic painting: 

Encaustic painting is a process that involves using heated beeswax as a paint medium.  The beeswax is often used in combination with damar and colored pigments, oil paint, or some other form of pigment.  Using brushes and palette knives, I apply the liquified medium onto small canvases and wood panels, in combination with hand drawn paper elements, silver dollar seed pods, and pressed leaves and flower petals.   The encaustic is heat set onto the surface to seal everything in place. Once dry, the encaustic creates a natural matte finish, which I then buff to an ultra soft, sateen sheen. The finished encaustic creates a surface that is thick in some areas, while thinner in others, having a true feel of handmade in each piece! 

*I ship pieces worldwide; though I ask that you contact me about the piece you are interested in shipping, so that I may figure out the shipping charges.  Interested buyers should leave their name, email and the particular piece/s interested in.

**Custom order requests are available on limited styles.  Please contact to discuss what you may be interested in, in as much detail as possible.

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